Gap Year

Activities at Coleg y Bala

What is it?

The GAP YEAR is a practical course in nurturing disciples which runs for one year (September-August) based at Coleg y Bala, the Children and Youth Centre of the Presbyterian Church of Wales.


The aims of the GAP YEAR are:

  • to encourage personal and spiritual development
  • to strive to an increasingly Christ-like character
  • to help each student to recognise his or her talents and potential
  • to develop effective leadership, communication and team-building skills
  • to help and enable each student to comprehend his or her future contribution to the Church


Students have opportunities to experience and get involved with the various activities related to the work at Coleg y Bala.

This includes:

  • preparing and presenting Christianity to children and young people in a relevant and contemporary way on weekend, summer and mid-week courses
  • attending team meetings: participating and occasionally leading the Centre's daily service
  • assisting with the administrative work at the Centre as required

There are also opportunities for the student to partake in youth and children's activities outside Coleg y Bala: those run by other employees of the Presbyterian Church of Wales. This includes preparing and taking part in the following activities:

  • Youth and children's clubs
  • Souled Out regional groups
  • Services in churches
  • Local mission
  • Sunday schools
  • Morning services in primary and secondary schools
  • Christian unions

The student will have regular meetings with a permanent member of staff in order to examine the diary and organise a suitable programme of work.

Experience of working in other areas

During the year, the student will have an opportunity to work with church leaders or workers in other areas. Dependent on the location, the student can have various experiences of working with children and youth, schools, adults and families, as well as the chance to develop his or her understanding of some aspects of pastoral and leadership work.


Each student will receive individual mentoring during the GAP YEAR. The aim of this process is to support each student's personal  relationship with God.


If you are interested in being a GAP YEAR student, please contact Coleg y Bala for further information or download the application form.


Gap Year Students


Rhiannon Hughes

I come from Pwllheli and have been coming to Coleg y Bala for years and have helped on a lot of children's courses, so I felt comfortable doing a gap year here as it wasn't entirely new to me. I did a gap year at the Coleg last year and wanted to stay for another year because I enjoyed it so much. I have had great opportunities over the last year to develop my talents and confidence and God has done amazing things in my life! I have had experience of working with youth where I had not before and have been able to develop communication skills with them. I've also grown a lot in my faith and have started reading the Bible regularly and reading devotions with others. I don't have a plan for next year yet, I want to spend this year trying to work out what I want to do with my life and find out on which path God wants me to go. I'm looking forward to seeing how God wants to work in my life and in the lives of the children and young people coming to Coleg over the next year.

I would really appreciate your prayers for the year ahead.


Jack Hanmer-Roberts


I come from a small village outside Bala called Llandderfel and I've been coming to Coleg y Bala for years on courses. I have also had the opportunity to lead children's courses such as 'Anhrefn Awst' and youth courses over the last few years. I have grown in my faith so much because of Coleg y Bala and have therefore chosen to do this gap year for a chance to give back and see other young Christians grow in their faith. I hope to grow closer to Jesus over the coming year and have the opportunity to lead more courses and clubs. Your prayers will be much appreciated. Thank you.